Our Philosophy

Working with a Designer:

  • Allowing the designer to know what you like and don't like. Then the selection process will be limited to choice color/patterns targeted at client's style, and follow the rules of design in order to guide the client towards achieving the perfect look, function, and harmony, without the overwhelming task of sorting through hundreds of choices.

  • Working with the designer to determine how space will be used in real life (what is important today), by the client in particular. The space can then be designed for utility and efficiency for how you live and work. Consolidation of tasks and room functions are analyzed for the most productive and beautiful living or work space.

  • Organization of space - proper flow creates harmony, and an inviting feeling.

  • Color appropriateness is important for different living/working spaces.

  • Color and Texture stimulates and motivates creativity, appetite, relaxation, and mood.

  • Integration of favorite family pieces dictates special attention and should be included in the daily lives of the client by use of an effective displaying of family pictures, hobbies, personal achievements, awards/trophies and collectibles, in order that they can be appreciated by both the client and their families and guests, and so that it does not detract or compete with other opposing functional areas.

  • Trends - it is paramount that the Designer understands their clie's lifestyle. The style preferred is the client's style, not the Designer's. It is the Designer's input which sets the trend for the design, by listening to the desires and selecting the items which best suit their client's needs, following the rules of design and color coordination, scale and style trend.

The design process begins with the initial consultation, during which the scope and feasibility of the project is determined. More importantly, a relationship is formed so that the visions of the client and talents of the designer can work together toward a common goal.

All samples are available to the client for their inspection during changes in lighting in their home or place of business in order to ensure fabrics/colors/patterns will work and provide the same effect at all times of the day.

Projects are designed and planned, budgeted, then tasks and materials are ordered and contractors are positioned to work immediately after agreements have been signed. Daily supervision by Joseph Anthony Interiors is of the utmost importance for both accuracy and effective communication with client, and contractors.

Pricing is calculated based on each individual project, but in general there is an hourly fee for consultations and creative work which may include drawings and renderings. Other pricing structures are put into place for supervision and project management, travel and related expenses, purchases, and sub-contractors services. See the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) site for other examples: